Swimming Pool Salt Water Chlorinator

Swimming Pool Salt Water Chlorinator


swimming without:

  • red, burning eyes
  • itchy skin
  • the smell of chlorine

& easier maintenance!

It’s not like swimming in the ocean.

Just one teaspoon of 99% pure non-ionized salt per gallon of pool water (one tenth the concentration of salt in ocean water) is all that is required to generate enough chlorine to remove impurities from your swimming pool. Salt that can’t be tasted and is used over and over again, without losing its effectiveness.

Benefits of salt-chlorination

  • “Free” Chlorine
  • Soft, silky-smooth water
  • Self-Renewing Source

The electrolytic technology turns ordinary table salt into a regenerating supply of pure chlorine, automatically. This process leaves you with pool water that’s clean, clear and luxuriously soft.

Enjoy the best pool water quality available – automatically and hassle-freee. When you use a salt chlorinator, there’ll be no more buying, storing or transporting factory-created chlorine compounds. Eliminate red, burning eyes, dry itchy skin and powerful chlorine odors today.

environmentally_friendlyOne of our “green” pool options

Enjoy an inground swimming pool that is good to you and good for the environment.

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