Eco Friendly Inground Swimming Pools

environmentally_friendlyWhen we talk about a “green” pool we’re not talking about the color of the water. As we become more conscious of sustainable practices for homes and garden, that concern should extend to managing inground swimming pools in an environmentally sound and sustainable way. A “green” pool pays attention to energy efficiency and water and resource conservation.

A “green” inground swimming pool:

Minimizes or eliminate the use of chemicals

Use a salt-sterilization system instead of chlorine.

Pools generally need chlorine concentrations of 2 to 4 parts per million to stay clean. The chemical generally is added weekly and in high quantities, but it can evaporate fairly quickly.

A salt system converts salt into chlorine, eliminating the need to transport and handle chlorine tablets or liquid. Chlorine is a toxic chemical. We probably shouldn’t be drinking it or swimming in it.

Pool water that is sanitized by a salt system feels like bath water and won’t ruin hair or bathing suits the way chlorine does. Read more about salt water chlorinators >

Minimizes the energy used for pumping and heating

Use a more efficient pump and filter. We recommend Pentair Pool Equipment and energy efficient lighting systems. LED lighting systems cost half to operate than conventional lighting and with 30 – 40,000 hour bulb life. Fiber optic lighting is also energy efficient.

Reduces reliance on fresh water by minimizing evaporation

Eco-friendly swimming pools use pool covers. Inground swimming pool covers keep the pool cleaner, reducing chemical and filter maintenance costs. A pool cover also reduces the amount of water and chlorine lost to evaporation. And, covers help prevent heat loss, keeping your pool water comfortably warm, miminizing pool heater usage and possibly extending your swimming season.

Added Benefits

Going “green” for your inground swimming pool lowers the cost of operation and decreases time spent maintaining the pool – leaving you with more time to enjoy your inground swimming pool.

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