Swimming Pool Fiber Optic Lighting Systems

fiber_optic_lightingUnderwater, pool perimeter, water feature, and landscape fiber optic lighting products will turn your daytime pool environment into a dramatic nighttime reflection of your personal style. Imagine the visual impact of pool perimeter lighting that creates the soft, neon glow that is unique to fiber optic lighting. Illuminate a water feature to mix light with moving water for added drama and visual excitement. Flip a switch to select a color that sets the evening’s mood. Add light fixtures to pathways, walls, and throughout your landscaping for subtle illumination and a touch of elegance. With fiber optics, your backyard retreat becomes a heightened sensory experience when the sun goes down.

flexibility, vividness and carefree qualities

Fiber optic lighting systems transmit light from a single light source through a bundle of fibers to illuminate any area where the fiber ends are directed. The bundle of fibers can be routed to virtually any area of your backyard to dramatically light landscaping, pathways, and other areas you wish to highlight. Plus, you can adjust the intensity of light at every point by adding or reducing the number of fibers. In every case, no heat is generated at lighting points because no electricity is flowing through the fibers to the fixture. And, with only one bulb to change—at the central light source—keeping your system up and running could not be simpler or more economical.

environmentally_friendlyOne of our “green” pool options

Enjoy an inground swimming pool that is good to you and good for the environment.

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